Bluegrass All Stars Biography

The Bluegrass All Stars is a group of fun-loving, veteran musicians whose roots keep them coming back to each other and Bluegrass Music.  We all started out in bluegrass, but as the years went by the siren songs of other forms of music – and steadier paychecks – helped us to stretch our musicality.  When we returned to our bluegrass roots we melded these musical experiences to produce the Bluegrass All Stars.  Mixing Scruggs and Crow with Hank and Haggard seem absolutely natural to us.  Our line up has Cotton Thomas on the mandolin and fiddle, Dan Nimphius on the hard driving banjo and dobro, Dave Ziler picking on the guitar, and Jim Meyers slapping on the old stand up bass.  When The Bluegrass All Stars turn it on you can feel the rhythm down to your toes.  With four guys that love to sing, the harmonies find that high, lonesome sound that is the heart of Bluegrass music.

 All of the “Stars” have been playing professionally since the late 70's.  Over the years, we have played in each other’s bands.  Dan Nimphius was a founding member of Woodsong and the Brew County Rounders  in the late 70's.  Cotton Thomas and Jim Meyers were fooling around playing the classics in the Ad Hoc Citizens Band.  Later Cotton Thomas joined Dan with the Rounders after his time with Grass Food and Lodging.  When the Rounders was between bass players, Jim Meyers was borrowed from the Industrial Valley Rangers.  Years and thousands of songs later, fate brought us together along with the newest member of the group, Dave Ziler.  Dave is from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and has been playing since the age of 10.  He is a talented singer, great guitar picker, and a recorded songwriter. He has been a great addition to Bluegrass All Stars.  He fits right in with our humor, great singing and love of bluegrass and old country music.  From blistering banjo breakdowns to hard-core country classics, The Bluegrass All Stars play ‘em like they ought to be done.

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